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Saturday & Sunday : 9am - 5pm
M - F : Private Events Click Here


Reservations Required For Rental Equipment
All Players Must Complete The Safety Waiver

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The following is included for each member in the party.
Want to learn more about the equipment?
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General admission includes access to all fields at the park during session times.
Between games your group can relax at one of our shaded picnic tables.
Full Day Session 10am - 5pm | Half Day Sessions 10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm
Proto Switch paintball mask with upgraded anti-fog thermal lenses.
After each use masks are completely disassembled and cleaned with disinfectant.
Can you believe not all paintball parks do this? Gross.
Gog Enmey paintball marker available in Traditional or Low Impact variants.
A lightweight and compact design with high rates of fire and almost no recoil.
I can't believe some parks still use old Sypder or Tippmann rentals.
Each paintball marker is powered by compressed air. Each air tank holds 3000psi.
Unlimited compressed air refills are included so you don't run out mid game.
Some paintball parks still charge extra for unlimited air.
Concerned that playing paintball might hurt? Suit up with some body armor.
Recommended for children 14 and under, but are available for all.
Playing in the woods? The camouflage side will allow you to blend right in.
Only paintballs purchased at the park may be used.
Our paintballs fly straight, break upon impact, and are non-staining.
No cheap quality, staining, welt leaving, big box store paintballs here.

General Admission Ticket Paintball Rental Mask Paintball Rental Equipment Paintball Compressed Air Paintball Body Armor Paintballs
Size of Party:
Session Times:

Please Arrive At Least
30 Minutes Early
Paintballs Included:

For The Group To Share
Estimated Total (before tax):
Cannot Be Split On
Multiple Credit Cards

Extras | Paint Grenade $6 | 500 Paintballs $20 | 1000 Paintballs $30 | 2000 Paintballs $50