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Reservations Required For Rental Equipment
All Players Must Complete The Safety Waiver

We are proud to introduce a new yearly membership option designed for the weekend warrior. A yearly membership to Extreme Rage Paintball Park could literally save you hundreds of dollars per year. Your membership includes discounted general admission, discounted rental packages (so that you can bring a friend) and discounted boxes of paintballs. Check out the information below to learn more.

Yearly Membership Savings

  Regular Price Membership Discount Price with Membership
Half-Day Rental Package $45 $20 Off $25
2000 Paintballs $50 $15 Off $35
All-Day General Admission $21 $6 Off $15

If you have gotten this far you are probably wondering how much the membership costs and if it will be worth it for you in the end. First let me ask one basic question. How often do you visit Extreme Rage Paintball Park? Once a year? Once a month? Once a week? If you only visit us once per year then the yearly membership is not for you. A yearly membership to Extreme Rage Paintball Park costs $250. I will break it down for you and do the math. If you come out to the park once a month you can expect to save about $21 each time. A $21 savings multiplied by twelve months a year is a savings of $252. This is the breakeven point of the membership. If you visit Extreme Rage Paintball Park more than once per month, especially if you bring new friends with you, you are saving money. If you visit the park twice per month or more, you can save over $250 per year.

Membership FAQ

Q: How much does a yearly membership to Extreme Rage Paintbal Park cost?
A: A membership costs $250 per year.

Q: What does a membership include?
A: Discounted General Admission, Rental Packages, and Boxes of Paintballs. See above for more details.

Q: When does it expire?
A: Your membership starts when purchased and expires 365 days later.

Q: Can I use my membership for my friends?
A: If you bring someone new to the park (it has to be their first visit) they can use your discount.