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We now offer a Low Impact option designed for younger players and for those who may be hesitant to try Traditional paintball. This new Low Impact paintball option is 100% of the fun as   Traditional paintball, but with only a third of the impact. To keep everything fair our Low Impact games are separate from the Traditional paintball games. For this reason, we recommend that   groups reserving Low Impact be large enough to play games amongst themselves. Low Impact equipment is limited and in high demand so be sure to make a reservation.

  A Traditional .68 Caliber paintball weighs in at 3.2 Grams and travels at 280 Feet Per Second. The formula for calculating impact energy is as follows. Energy = 1/2 Mass * Velocity Squared.   Using this formula, we are able to calculate that the Traditional paintball impacts a player with 11.65 Joules of energy. Our all new Low Impact .50 Caliber paintball weighs in at only 1.3 grams   (Nearly 60% lighter than a Traditional paintball) and travels at a slower 250 Feet Per Second. Using the same formula as before, we can calculate that the all new Low Impact paintball option   delivers only 3.77 Joules of energy. That is a 68% reduction in impact, making Low Impact paintball the perfect choice for younger players or those who may be hesitant to try Traditional paintball.

graph showing the impact ratings of different paintball styles

  For those of you who may not have a degree in physics, you may be wondering how the impact rating of Low Impact paintball compares to other more traditional sports. The following graph shows   the impact rating that a player may experience while playing baseball if they were hit by a pitch while at bat. Using pitching speed data sampled from baseball players ages 8 to 18, the weight of a   baseball being 148.84 grams, and the same formula from above, we are able to calculate the following impact ratings.

A graph showing the impact rating comparing baseball to paintball.

  In 2003 The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission compiled data related to sports injuries using the NEISS (National Electronic Injury Surveillance System). For the purpose of this study an   injury was defined as requiring hospital treatment. This study resulted in some very interesting figures.

Number of Injuries Per Thousand Yearly Participants

Boxing 5.2 Martial Arts 1.5
Football - Tackle 3.8 Wresting 1.4
Snowboarding 3.8 Baseball 1.4
Ice Hockey 3.7 Volleyball 1.3
Snow Skiing 3.0 Mountain Biking 1.2
Soccer 2.4 Tennis 1.1
Softball 2.2 Ice Skating 1.1
Basketball 1.9 Horseback Riding 1.0
Football - Flag 1.9 Skateboarding 0.8
Surfing 1.8 Hunting 0.8
Cheerleading 1.7 Bicycling - BMX 0.8
Water Skiing 1.6 Running 0.6
Racquetball 1.5 Paintball 0.2

  As you can see from the data above, paintball is the safest sport with fewer injuries than any sport played in middle and high schools. If you haven't tried Traditional paintball because you are   hesitant about being hit by a paintball for the first time, then Low Impact paintball is the perfect option for you. Gather a group of friends, celebrate your birthday party, or book a corporate outing   today.